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Essential straight-cut tubular T-shirt in soft cotton with a round, rib-trimmed neckline and gently dropped shoulders. Design placement available on the front or on the back of the t-shirt.

  • Sustainable Materials – Made from bio organic soft cotton.
  • Fair Trade – Member of Fair Trade foundation.
  • Quality Guaranteed – Certified with Global Organic Textiles Standard.


Product Feature

Sleeping Giants

Sperm whales rest by drifting vertically under the sea surface. They sleep only about 2h a day—much less than any other mammal.

They begin their sleep at around 20 meters depth, turning their giant bodies up towards the surface. Slowly drifting while sleeping, they reach the surface for the next breath of air. During the day they do several 10 to 15 minute naps like this.

Whales are voluntary breathers, which means that they need to think about every breath they take, 24/7.

Sleeping sperm whales

How did the Sperm Whale get its name?

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Indigo Blue, Burgundy, Anthracite

Design placement

Front, Back


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