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Essential straight-cut tubular T-shirt in soft cotton with a round, rib-trimmed neckline and gently dropped shoulders.

  • Sustainable Materials – Made from bio organic soft cotton.
  • Fair Trade – Member of Fair Trade foundation.
  • Quality Guaranteed – Certified with Global Organic Textiles Standard.


Product Feature

Life Confinement

Multiple Orcas are held in captivity for amusement shows. But aquariums simply can’t provide the space they need, they are used to having a whole ocean to swim in. That’s why their life expectancy in captivity is 2-3 times shorter than in the wild. Lack of space and spending so much time on the surface of the water also causes their impressive dorsal fin to collapse. Many species have problems with their teeth and demonstrating increased agression. Known for their complex social behaviour, there have been no recorded attacks on humans in the wild, yet multiple attacks in captivity.

How we can help confined species? Sign up a petition against water shows and keeping marine animals in captivity!

Life confinement - Orca in aquarium

Sign up a petition to end Orca’s captivity

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